Using a Measurement Framework to Rapidly Achieve Measurable Results

Tim Olson
Date Published: 

This paper describes a Process Measurement FrameworkSM that rapidly achieves measurable results. The Process Measurement FrameworkSM is based upon the popular Goal/Question/Metric (G/Q/M) paradigm, the Juran Quality Trilogy, and the initial core measures recommended by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The G/Q/M Paradigm is applied to the goals of planning, control, and improvement and based on powerful metrics that have a proven track record. In order to illustrate the power of the Process Measurement FrameworkSM, real examples from industry are used. The Process Measurement FrameworkSM helps to ensure that all metrics are collected on a form, in a document, or in a database.

This paper won the best paper award at the 13th International Conference on Software Quality, October 2003.


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