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I have been part of the Software Engineering, Software Quality and Software Project Management profession for over thirty-five years now.  I have written many papers and articles, presented at many conferences and even written the book The Certified Software Quality Engineer Handbook.  So I thought it was about time that I stepped into the 21st century and started blogging (by the way, over the Christmas holidays I also started Twittering).  I am going to start with two blogs.  This blog I am entitling Software Quality Engineering, is intended to be very generic in nature so I can share my thoughts, lessons learn and how-to experiences from all those years of actually developing and maintaining software and from helping my clients improve how they develop and maintain their software.  In my second blog, 12 Steps to Useful Software Metrics, I will be share my thoughts and ideas as I write my next book on that topic.

I will use the ASQ’s Software Quality Engineering Body of Knowledge as the scope for this Software Quality Engineering blog which leaves it open to talk about just about any topic related to software including:

  • The Basics of Software Quality including:
    • The benefit of building high quality software
    • Software and quality related standards and models
    • Soft skills (leadership, facilitation, team building, negotiation, communication, and so on)
  • Software Quality Management
    • Building a Software Quality Management System (QMS) and defining your policies, procedures and work instructions (guidelines,  templates, checklists, training materials, and so on)
    • Translating and tailoring the QMS to the needs of each program/project
    • QMS techniques (cost of quality, process improvement, defect prevention, corrective action)
    • Auditing
  • Software Engineering Processes
    • Lifecycle & process models
    • Requirements engineering
    • Design & development
    • Agile practices
    • Maintenance
  • Software Program & Project Management
    • Project initiation
    • Project planning
    • Project execution
    • Project tracking & control
    • Project closure
    • Risk management
  • I am going to leave the topics of Software Metrics, Measurement and Analytical Methods to my second blog 12 Steps to Useful Software Metrics
  • Software Verification and Validation
    • Total life cycle verification and validation
    • Software peer reviews
    • Software testing
  • Software Configuration Management
    • Configuration management infrastructure
    • Configuration identification
    • Configuration control
    • Configuration status accounting
    • Configuration audits and reviews
    • Release management

This should leave me a huge range of materials to talk about.  However, I am always open to ideas from you.  If you have questions you would like addressed, specific topics you would like discuss or contributions you would like to make to this blog, please comment to this blog and pass on your ideas (you can also email me at

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