Software Customer Satisfaction

Linda Westfall
Date Published: 

Satisfying our customers is an essential element to staying in business in this modern world of global competition.  We must satisfy and even delight our customers with the value of our software products and services to gain their loyalty and repeat business.  Customer satisfaction is therefore a primary goal of process improvement programs.

So how satisfied are our customers?  One of the best ways to find out is to ask them using Customer Satisfaction Surveys.  These surveys can provide management with the information they need to determine their customer's level of satisfaction with their software products and with the services associated with those products.  Software engineers and other members of the technical staff can use the survey information to identify opportunities for ongoing process improvements and to monitor the impact of those improvements.

This paper includes details on designing your own software customer satisfaction questionnaire, tracking survey results and example reports that turn survey data into useful information.  This paper won the Best Paper award at the 2002 Applications in Software Measurement (ASM) Conference.

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