Certified Software Quality Engineering Quiz #9

1. A quality action team needs to generate lots of improvement suggestions in a short period of time.  Which of the following tools would the team's facilitator be most likely to reecommend?

A.   Brainstorming

B.   Affinity diagram

C.   Story board

D.   Force field analysis

2. Root causes of process problems in the process being incrementally improved are determined during which of the following steps in the Six Sigma DMAIC process?

A.      Define

B.      Measure

C.     Analyze

D.     Improve


3. Based on the Yourdon/Demarco notation for data flow diagrams the rectangle labeled Element 1 in the diagram above is:

A.      an entity external to the system

B.      a data item

C.     a function inside the system that transforms data

D.     a repository for data (e.g., buffer, queue, data file, database)

4. A project manager estimates that an activity will take one software engineer 20 hours of effort to complete.  However, due to lack of sufficient personnel, the engineer preforming the task can only work on it part time.  This will result in:

A.      a decrease in the activity's estimated duration.

B.      an increase in the activity's estimated duration.

C.     a decrease in the activity's estimated effort.

D.     an increase in the activity's estimated effort.

5. Which of the following is an example of a derived measure?

A.     Hours of effort expended in preparing for a peer review

B.     Number of defects found during the peer review

C.     Number of pages in the document being peer reviewed

D.      Defect density of the document being peer reviewed

6. Which of the following would be an example of an appropriate test suspension criterion to defined in a software system test plan?

A.      More than 20% of the system test cases are blocked

B.      The arrival rate of problems reported by testers is increasing

C.      95% of the planned test cases have been executed and passed

               D.     No more than 10 non-closed majors exist, all with work arounds

7. Combining two or more version of a software product to create a single new version is called:

A.      building.

B.      merging.

C.     compiling

D.     linking

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