Certified Software Quality Engineering Quiz #8

1. Producing high quality software is directly beneficial to the customers of that software because:

A.   it decreases the effort required to find and fix the defects.

B.   it decreases the total cost of ownership of the software.

C.   it increases the initial cost of purchasing the software product.

D.   it increases the cycle time between releases.

2. Individuals or groups who affect or are affected by a software project make up the:

A.      project team.

B.      project sponsors.

C.     project’s customers.

D.     project’s stakeholders.

3. An example of a 2-tiered architecture is a:

A.      messaging architecture.

B.      client/server architecture.

C.     business to business architecture.

D.     object oriented architecture.


4. Based on the Gantt shown above, which of the following tasks was completed ahead of schedule?

A.     Task A

B.     Task B

C.     Task C

D.     Task D

5. Which of the following is NOT counted as part of calculating function points?

A.      Internal logical files

B.      Internal inquiries

C.     External outputs

D.     External interface files

6. The time-boxed testing strategy differs from other testing strategies in that test cases are:

A.      automated to increase the amount of regression testing when the software is changed

B.      traced to requirements to ensure complete test coverage of those requirements

C.     executed in priority order to ensure important tests are executed before time runs out

D.     designed prior to the coding of the software and are used to document the acceptance criteria

7. Which of the following Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools would be used to automate the process of combining software configuration units into configuration components or items?

A.      Build scripts

B.      Change request tool

C.     Status accounting report generator

D.     Version control tool

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