Certified Software Quality Engineering Quiz #7

1.   Which of the following provides legal protection for ideas?

A.   Licenses

B.   Copyrights

C.   Patents

D.   Trademarks

2. Which of the following is NOT an example of a quality record?

                      A.   CCB meeting minutes

B.   Process definition

C.   System test log

D.   Audit report

3. Requirements management activities include:

A.   inspecting the requirement specification documents.

B.   identifying the various user classes.

C.   prioritizing the requirements.

D.   handling requested changes to the requirements.

4. In order to ensure that lessons learned on the current project are captured and transitioned to future projects, the project team should conduct a:

A.   release readiness phase transition review.

B.   project audit.

C.   quality management system audit.

D.   post project review.

5. Reliability is typically defined in terms of the number of field failures and:

A.   time.

B.   cost.

C.   size.

D.   effort.

6. Usability testing is done to determine if:

A.   the system uses resources (for example, memory, disk space) at levels that exceed requirements.

B.   the system has any problems when it is used at peak load.

C.   there are any required functions that cannot be used or that don’t perform properly.

D.  the software has any areas that will be difficult or inconvenient for the users.

7. Which of the following baselines is created when the system requirements are approved and placed under configuration control?

                      A.   Development baseline

B.   Functional baseline

C.   Product baseline

D.   Allocated baseline

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