Certified Software Quality Engineering Quiz #4

1. Which of the following would be the most cost-effective way of improving software quality?

A.   Preventing defects

B.   Reducing cycle time

C.   Decreasing schedule variance

D.   Improving customer satisfaction

2. Cost of quality measurements for a project would include the costs of documenting all of the following EXCEPT:

A.   standardized processes.

B.   test cases.

C.   audit reports.

D.   detailed designs.

3. Which of the following life cycle models would most likely be used by an agile software development team?

A.   V 

B.   Iterative

C.   Waterfall

D.   Evolutionary

4. A work breakdown structure is used to help:

A.   define the specific steps in a standardized software process.

B.   ensure that all of the project’s work activities are identified and understood.

C.   identify software project management risks and their priorities.

D.   document predecessor/successor relationship between project activities.

5. The fact that people will change their behavior because of measurements is known as:

A.   Zipf's law

B.   Gilb's risk principle

C.   Hawthorn effect

D.   Peter principle

6. Which of the following is an example of a dynamic analysis method of verification and validation?

A.   Performing integration testing

B.   Conducting a design inspection

C.   Executing a code analysis tool 

D.  Utilizing a mathematical proof of correctness

7. Which of the following software configuration management (SCM) activities would typically be performed only by project level SCM personnel and not by the organizational-level SCM team? 

                        A.   Identifying standardized SCM tools

B.   Establishing reuse libraries

C.   Tailoring standardized SCM processes

D.   Performing nightly backups of SCM libraries

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