Certified Software Quality Engineering Quiz #3

1. Which of the following would be at odds with the ASQ Code of Ethics?

A.   Competing for a new consulting contract with others in the software profession

B.   Auditing a project after you have applied for a job to work on that project

C.   Identifying and reporting defects in the work product produced by others

D.   Sharing good practices identified during an audit with another group in the same organization

2. Which of the following activities would typically be done as part of ongoing supplier management?

A.   Performing in-process supplier audits

B.   Establishing product acceptance criteria

C.   Eliciting requests for proposals

D.   Evaluating past supplier performance

3. A reviewer is evaluating a requirement that reads, “The system shall use a minimum amount of disk space for recording history data.”  The peer reviewer would:

A.   accept this requirement. 

B.   report a defect because the requirement is not measurable.

C.   report a defect because the requirement is not maintainable.

D.   report a defect because the requirement is not feasible.

4. Which of the following would typically be evaluated as part of a program review meeting?

A.   The completeness of the system-level requirements 

B.   The product against its acceptance criteria

C.   The consolidated status of interrelated projects

D.   The lessons-learned during a software project

5. Which of the following is most likely to cause a data timeliness issue?

A.   The customers do not report minor defects

B.   Effort estimates are rounded to the nearest hour

C.   Metrics reports being printed and delivered via interoffice mail

D.   The fact that the measurement method for the metric is subjective

6. White-box testing of a commercial-off-the-shelf COTS product is most typically performed by:

A.   the acquirer.

B.   the supplier.

C.   an independent V&V team.

D.   the end-users.

7. One of the primary roles of a change control board is to:

A.   establish and document the change control process.

B.   document change requests and champion those changes.

C.   approve requested changes to baselined configuration items.

D.   select and manage the change request and version control tools.

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