Certified Software Quality Engineering Quiz #2

1.   Which of the following would be an appropriate use for the ISO 9001 Standard?

A.   As an outline for establishing a template for a software quality assurance plan

B.   As a checklist for verifying the completeness of a project’s work breakdown structure

C.   As requirements for establishing and maintaining a quality management system

D.   As evaluation criteria for conducting a software configuration management audit

2.   Plans for which of the following activities would be documented as part of a project’s software quality plan?

A.   Focus groups

B.   In-process audits

C.   Design modeling

D.   Process tailoring

3.   Storyboards are most appropriately used during:

A.   project planning. 

B.   design specification.

C.   peer reviews.

D.   requirements elicitation.

4.   Retrospectives are held in order to ensure that:

A.   lessons learned are captured and transitioned into process improvements. 

B.   project goals and objectives are met before project closure.

C.   the software meets its requirements before the product is shipped.

D.   variances between planned and actual performance do not exceed acceptable levels.

5.   The output from which of the following quality analysis tools would be most likely to be used as input into creating a Pareto chart?

A.   Control chart

B.   Histogram

C.   Run chart

D.   Check sheet

6.   Which of the following is a dynamic analysis technique used for evaluating software products?

A.   Proofs of correctness

B.   Testing

C.   Code analyzers

D.   Peer reviews

7.    Which of the following would typically NOT be included in an automated build script?

A.   The location of code components in the configuration libraries

B.   A traceability matrix linking source code to test cases

C.   The compiler option settings to be used

D.   Pointers to included macros, libraries and files

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