Certified Software Quality Engineering Quiz #1

1.   Which of the following deals with legally binding promises made in exchange for appropriate consideration?

A.   Contracts

B.   Copyrights

C.   Patents

D.   Torts

2.   This question has been deleted based on the newest CSQE Body of Knowledge.

3.   Which of the following  roles typically has final approval over what is included in the software requirements and the priorities of those requirements?

A.   Business analyst 

B.   Customer

C.   Direct user

D.   Project manager 

4.   The completion of which of the following events is most likely to be designated as a project milestone?

A.   a critical activity 

B.   a peer review

C.   a phase gate review

D.   a test case 

5.   Which of the following metrics is LEAST LIKELY to be used as a measure of process capability of the system test execution process?

A.   Phase containment 

B.   Defect detection efficiency

C.   Test case execution cycle time

D.   Test case defect density

6.   The valid inputs for field on a web site form are character strings from 5 through 25 characters in length.  Test cases to perform boundary testing on this input would include valid character strings of:

A.   0, 10, and 30 characters in length.

B.   4, 5, 25 and 26 characters in length.

C.   5, 6, 24 and 25 characters in length.

D.   from 5 to 25 characters inclusively.

7.    The role of a software configuration management change management tool would include:

A.   tracking the statuses of defect reports as they are worked to resolution.

B.   automating the software build processes and running automate test scripts.

C.   establishing, maintaining and managing the various configuration libraries.

D.   relating versions of configuration items to other items in the same baseline.

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