On-Site Training

The Westfall Team’s on-site training courses provide a cost-effective way for your organization to train employees on your schedule. On-site training has the following benefits:

  • Brings expertise to your location: Which saves both employee time and travel expenses
  • Cost effective: When training groups of five or more students, on-site training is typically less expensive than sending employees to open enrollment classes
  • Selectable scheduling: Classes can be scheduled to match your needs, at dates/times that are convenient to your organization
  • Customizable content: Our standard courses can be customized to create specific course content to match your exact training requirements
  • Team building and collaboration: Interactive exercises and class discussions allow students to learn from each other and collaborate to practice skills learned
  • On-going support: Our instructors are available to answer questions after the completion of the training as students apply what they learned on the job

Software Testing Training

Software Requirements Engineering Training

Software Peer Review and Inspection Training

Software Metrics Training

Software Configuration Management Training

Software Auditing Training

Software Acquisition and Supplier Management Training

SAFe® and other Agile Classes

Software Project Management and Software Risk Management Training

Software Quality Engineering Training

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