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The Certified Software Quality Engineer Handbook, 2nd Edition by Linda Westfall is available for purchase at ASQ Quality Press: The Certified Software Quality Engineer Handbook or from and other sources.  You can also preview parts of this book on Google Books.

This handbook contains information and guidance that supports all of the topics of the ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) Body of Knowledge (BoK). Armed with the knowledge presented in this handbook to compliment the required years of actual work experience, qualified software quality practitioners may feel confident they have taken appropriate steps in preparation for the CSQE exam.

This invaluable handbook also goes well beyond being simply an exam preparation guide. It is designed to be a resource not only for software quality engineers, but also for software development practitioners, project managers, organizational managers, other quality practitioners, and other professionals who need to understand the aspects of software quality that impact their work. It can also be used by readers to benchmark their (or their organization’s) understanding and application of software quality principles and practices against what is considered a cross-industry “good practice” baseline.

New software quality engineers can use this handbook to gain an understanding of their chosen profession, while experienced software quality engineers can use this handbook as a reference when performing their daily work. Trainers and educators can use the book to help propagate software quality engineering knowledge to future software practitioners and managers. Among all of its varied audiences, this handbook will establish a common vocabulary to communicate about software and quality, thus increasing the professionalism of the industry and eliminating the wastes that can result from ambiguity and misunderstandings.

Includes three full practice exams and answers (with explanations) on an accompanying CD-ROM.

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