A Methods "Discussion/Debate: Method Agility or What's a Methodology For?"

Scott Duncan
Date Published: 

What’s the “right” method to use for a software development project according to all the “best practices” advice?  How would you answer this question or is this really a sensible question to ask?  Many folks advocating “lite” or agile methods would suggest there is no “best” practice you can apply across the board.  Articles and columns in IEEE and ACM publications have addressed this very point.  On the other hand, advocates of “disciplined” methods (to use the term Boehm and Turner have in their book on agile and more formal methods) would say there is vast industry experience pointing to “best practices.”  This paper, from Scott Duncan's presentation/discussion session at the 14th International Conference on Software Quality, is about beginning the process of answering some methodology related questions.

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