The Blame Game

Manfred (Fred) Hein
Date Published: 

We don't look often enough at the aspects of our personal and business lives that hinder our ability to function, to develop relationships, to interact with others (i.e., to become productive and effective individuals). These neglected or overlooked aspects can become "roadblocks" in our personal and business lives - roadblocks that keep us from “being who we can be.” Often we look at new, “state-of-the-art” ideas, concepts, and technology silver bullets to help change/improve ourselves or our corporations. We always think of “adding” these things to our lives to make a difference. We never seem to think that if we “subtract” or get rid of some things - roadblocks - in our lives, they might make more of a difference. One such roadblock we should think of subtracting is The Blame Game. Our individual and organizational propensity to blame can be a significant factor that weakens our foundations. This session describes how we can become aware of the blaming techniques of The Blame Game, the harm they cause, how much we are engaged in them, and how we can change these practices.

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