12 Steps to Useful Software Metrics - Starting This Blog

I have been part of the Software Engineering, Software Quality and Software Project Management profession for over thirty-five years now.  I have written many papers and articles, presented at many conferences and even written the book The Certified Software Quality Engineer Handbook.  So I thought it was about time that I stepped into the 21st century and started blogging. 

Software metrics have been a specific focus of mine since I took on the role of Metrics Analyst and later Senior Manager of the Quality Metrics and Analysis at DSC Communications in 1989 (boy how time flies – that’s over 20 years working with metrics).  During that time, I have written and perfected my 12 Steps to Useful Software Metric process, starting with papers and conference presentations, migrating through tutorials, to a full class that I teach to my clients.  The intent of the 12 Steps is to define a practical process for establishing and tailoring a software metrics program that focuses on goals and information needs. It provides a practical, systematic, start-to-finish method of selecting, designing and implementing software metrics. The 12 Steps are based on my own lessons learn from those 20 plus years in the trenches – specifying, defining, implementing and improving metrics.  I have been promising myself for years now to expand and share this 12 Step process by writing a book.

So back to blogging – my friend Johanna Rothman recommended that I use blogging to help in the process of the writing of that book.  Johanna has used the blogging method to write and get feedback on topics for books she has written.  Taking her advice, I am starting this blog, entitled 12 Steps to Useful Software Metrics, in order to:

  • Jump start my writing of my 12 Steps to Useful Software Metrics book

  • Share my thoughts, topics and ideas while writing this book

  • Get your feedback, comments, suggestions, correction and examples on the topics of that book (so please share by adding comments or contributing to this blog – you can also email me at lwestfall@westfallteam.com)

As a side note, I am also starting a second blog entitled Software Quality Engineering, which is intended to be very generic in nature so I can share my thoughts, lessons learn and how-to experiences from all my years of actually developing and maintaining software and from helping my clients improve how they develop and maintain their software.

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