12 Steps to Useful Software Metric Presented By Linda Westfall (1/11/2013)

This webinar introduces the attendee to a practical process for establishing and tailoring a software metrics program that focuses on goals and information needs. The process provides a practical, systematic, start-to-finish method of selecting, designing and implementing software metrics. It outlines a cookbook method that attendees can use to simplify the journey from software metrics in concept to delivered information.

Attendees learn how to identify their software metrics customers and utilize the Goal/Question/Metric paradigm to select metrics that align with the organizational, project and process goals of those customers. The steps to designing metrics are discussed including:

• Standardizing entity and attribute definitions
• Choosing measurement functions
• Establishing measurement methods
• Defining decision criteria
• Designing reporting mechanisms
• Determining additional qualifiers

Issues involved with data collection are covered, including what data to collect, who should collect the data and how to collect it. Attendees learn to consider the human issues of implementing a measurement system and metric do’s and don’ts.

Supporting paper/resources:

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