The What, Why, Who, When and How of Software Requirements

Linda Westfall
Date Published: 

If the software requirements aren’t right, you won’t end up with the software that you need.  The original version of this paper was presented by Linda Westfall at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement 2005.  The updated version was published in the ASQ's Software Quality Professional Journal.  This article discusses:

  • Why: the benefits of having the right software requirements
  • What: the various levels and types of requirements that need to be defined
  • Who: identifying the stakeholders of the software requirements and getting them involved in the process
  • When: requirements activities throughout the software development lifecycle
  • How: techniques for eliciting, analyzing, specifying and validating software requirements

Date Original Version Posted: May 7, 2005

Date Updated Version Posted: March 1, 2006

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